Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hold on, I'm still getting mana back!!!!

Another World of Warcraft podcast.  Why?  Because I felt like it.

As stated in the description, this will mostly be about WoW through the eyes of a healer, namely a Holy Priest.  BUT, with the new raid lockout system and the revamped leveling experience, I do plan on eventually getting all four healing classes into raiding content.  As of this posting I am casually leveling a Troll Druid who is currently at level 33.  I have already created a Tauren Paladin, but he's still standing in front of the first quest giver, slowly getting rested.  And the Goblin Shaman can't even be created yet.  But I will get all four into raiding, it just may take the entire expansion.

If you are not a healer, but part of the unwashed masses, you may still enjoy The God Complex ... I give you permission to do so.  Except for Hunters and Rogues, you will get permission soon as you stop MD/ToT'ing mobs and raid bosses onto me ... savages.

Yes, I don't have any of the actual podcasts up right now, keep your britches on, just waiting for the web address to change over to  I put the word out there earlier than I should have because Cataclysm is four days away, and I procrastinated a little too much on getting everything up and running ... and I still have my fishing pole equipped. 


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