Monday, December 27, 2010

Not This Week

My apologies, this is the first down time I have gotten all week.  Between my holiday work hours, and visiting the various family members spread throughout the greater Philadelphia area, and loosing power to the coastal storm kicking our ass right now, there will not be a podcast going up today.  And with work changing my schedule again, next week's podcast will be going up either Tuesday or Wednesday (the 4th or 5th).  Hopefully all five of you who actually listen to this can wait another ten days for the next one. 

I do hope everyone had a most enjoyable holiday, and in the mean time, enjoy this festive screen shot I took last week.

Till sometime next week my friends!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Episode 4: QQ MOAR

Yes, I'm late getting this up.  Some technical issues on my side so the audio is a bit off.  Enjoy!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monday, December 6, 2010

Episode 2: Some Pre-Cataclysm Tips

Yes I know I'm late getting this episode up.  Decided at the last minute to change the content ... last minute change, things not working out like expected .... seems to be a pattern here.  Either way, new episode is up!  Cataclysm in less the 12 hours!  And now I have to go to work and hope the time passes by quickly ... not likely.

Till next time my friends!!!

And below are the links to the two posts I referenced:

What Wrath Players Need To Know To Not Suck At Cata!
A Guide to Healing at 85

Sunday, December 5, 2010

We're UP!

We are up and running!!!  It is NOT a perfect solution.  I am aware that the sound quality is not the greatest, but for right now its what I'm going to roll with.  Yes, this does mean at some point in the near future (January-ish) I will be moving to another site.  Unfortunately, I don't want to loose the domain name of  So if any of you know how or can recommend a service that will transfer the domain name to a new site host, drop me an email at  I'll go into more detail with the next post.

But for now, enjoy the show!

It is now 4am, I'm going to bed.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Is Smart

So apparently I like to do things backwards.  For example: using a blog website to host a podcast.  WHOOPS!!!  Bah, unfortunately I already paid my money for the domain name through Blogger, and all attempts of having it redirect to another site without having to pay MORE money have not gone well. So for now, we'll have to get a little creative to get the podcasts uploaded here.  So, in the mean time, sit tight, we'll get this up and running shortly.

Hold on, I'm still getting mana back!!!!

Another World of Warcraft podcast.  Why?  Because I felt like it.

As stated in the description, this will mostly be about WoW through the eyes of a healer, namely a Holy Priest.  BUT, with the new raid lockout system and the revamped leveling experience, I do plan on eventually getting all four healing classes into raiding content.  As of this posting I am casually leveling a Troll Druid who is currently at level 33.  I have already created a Tauren Paladin, but he's still standing in front of the first quest giver, slowly getting rested.  And the Goblin Shaman can't even be created yet.  But I will get all four into raiding, it just may take the entire expansion.

If you are not a healer, but part of the unwashed masses, you may still enjoy The God Complex ... I give you permission to do so.  Except for Hunters and Rogues, you will get permission soon as you stop MD/ToT'ing mobs and raid bosses onto me ... savages.

Yes, I don't have any of the actual podcasts up right now, keep your britches on, just waiting for the web address to change over to  I put the word out there earlier than I should have because Cataclysm is four days away, and I procrastinated a little too much on getting everything up and running ... and I still have my fishing pole equipped.